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Livin' It Up

Livin’ it Up is a fun, strategic game developed by Capitec and available free for less than a 100MB download..

Livin' It Up

16 new mini goals to play

We have created 16 new mini goals across all dreams which you can now select while still playing your charater's dream. The mini goals helps the player to think about the larger expenses, which does not happen often, compared to setting short term goals which you can save for.

In the game achieving these goals would earn you more happiness than buying furniture for you house. The aim is to reach a point where you can still save towards a dream, buy furniture but also contribute towards the short term goals. If you are wondering what these short term goals are, then its best explained as the expenses you would usually just use a credit card for.

Below is the list of the new mini goals for you to enjoy:

  • Adopt a pet
  • Art project
  • Buy concert tickets
  • Take cooking lessons
  • Take dance lessons
  • Buy a formal outfit
  • Buy a new game
  • Celebrate a milestone birthday
  • Buy a new phone
  • Take a road trip
  • Go on a weekend safari
  • Buy new sneakers
  • Go on a spa day
  • Buy sporting equipment
  • Start a band
  • Buy a new tablet

Reaching your dreams

We all have dreams. Big ones, small ones. Ordinary ones, crazy ones. We all want to know how to make them reality.

Turning your dreams into reality requires balancing short-term needs and wants with long-term priorities. Just as Lerato, Zane and Nandi do, we all have to make the most of limited resources.

Whoever you are and whatever your circumstances, money is an essential resource in reaching your dreams, and we all have to make financial decisions every day.

Understanding your money - how to manage it, protect it and grow it – is crucial for building the life you want.

Taking control of your money allows you to take control of your dreams.


From January to February 2020, we are giving away 2 x R10 000 monthly cash prizes.

To enter, all you need to do is download the game to become a Livin' it Up game player, share your cellphone number and give consent.

Read more about the competition here.

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