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How to pay your accounts

Carrying cash can be risky, and drawing it costs you time and money. Skip the ATM queues and keep your money safe by paying on our cellphone banking app.

Pay the safe way

  • Pay people and accounts on our app at half the cost
  • Check your balances and know how much you spend
  • Bank securely with our app linked to your device, not your SIM card

How to pay accounts

  1. Choose Transact
  2. Choose Payments
  3. Enter your secret Remote PIN to sign in
  4. Choose a beneficiary
  5. Enter the payment details
  6. Enter your secret Remote PIN to confirm

How to get our banking app

  1. Visit your nearest Capitec branch to verify your phone
  2. You’ll be sent an SMS to download our app
  3. Once downloaded, install and activate our app
  4. Enter your remote PIN and you’re ready to bank on your phone

compound interest: why time is literally money

compound interest: why time is literally money

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new app features

new app features

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