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move to Capitec

Move to a simpler way to bank – deposit your salary and move your debit orders for simple and affordable banking in the new year.

move to Capitec

Moving to a simpler way to bank is easier than you think. Open your account at your nearest branch today in only a few minutes and get your card immediately. If you already have an account and you want to move your debit orders then complete the debit order form below and we will help you make the move. 

Open an account:

  • visit your nearest branch
  • You will need to take your ID with you. Read more about FICA requirements here.
  • While you in the branch do not forget to download and activate our banking app,  allowing you to save time and money by banking anywhere and at any time.

Move your salary 

  • Once you have opened your Capitec account, you will need to give your new banking details to your employer.
  • Your employer will be the one responsible for paying your salary into your account.

Move your debit orders

  • To switch your debit orders you will need to download and complete the Debit Order Switch Authorization form.
  • Once you have completed the form you can send this with your latest bank statement reflecting the debit order(s) you would like to switch to
  • Alternatively you can visit your nearest branch with your latest bank statement to switch your debit orders.
  • Switching your salary and debit orders will take a few days to complete.

Steps during the debit order switch process

  • Your request is logged
  • We will email or sms you the list of debit orders we can move. Please note there are some providers who require the member to move the debit order and this can not be done by us. 
  • You will receive an sms as soon as each debit order has been moved.
  • You will receive a summery sms to confirm the all debit orders have been moved.
  • You will receive an sms advising which debit orders could not be moved because the service provider did not respond.We will give you the contact details of the service providers you have to contact yourself.Alternatively, you can ask a service consultant in branch to help you.

Note:Closer to the end of the month,make sure you know which debit orders have not been moved. Keep enough money in your old bank account for those debit orders to go off.

If you have any questions relating to moving to Capitec then please let us know by clicking on one of the buttons below and we will call you back.

minimum branch hours

Mon – Fri: 8am – 5pm
Sat: 8am – 1pm
Sun*: 9am – 1pm

All branches are closed on public holidays

*Only selected branches are open on Sundays

Please note: Some of our branches open at 8:30am on mid-month Wednesdays due to training, and that our branches in malls follow mall trading hours.